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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Latin America's growth compliments Copa's growth

Below a very interesting article from IBD on the company Copa Airlines. In the body of the text is the most interesting part where the analyst talks on the growth and outlook for Panama.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fantastico trip to Morrillo Pacific Heights August 2012

We just got back from another awesome trip to Panama and specifically our future home site at Morrillo Pacific Heights where our lot is patiently waiting for us to commence construction and plant the garden. Ron and Laurie said they had been busy - that's an understatement. They are currently managing the construction of 7 new homes - all at various stages of the construction process. I was blown away by the transformation from the single home under construction for Max and Nancy last year(2 had already been completed and were occupied by their proud owners) now to see 7 building sites all being actively worked on was amazing.

Max and Nancy have taken the plunge and have moved in 3 weeks ago and it was a pleasure to meet them - great people and we eagerly look forward to earning our rights to have an "ATLAS" number plate - it's going to be touch and go but i would love to have a plate number that is lower than ATLAS 10 - of course Ron has ATLAS 1, Max has ATLAS 2 and i think Dave has ATLAS 3.

We have posted new photographs of the progress at Morrillo Pacific Heights in the photo album that can be found on the home page.

One of the objectives of this trip was to test communications to ensure i could accomplish living in paradise whilst maintaining business communications with customers and leads from Toronto - mission accomplished!!! Between a Claro stick, Ron's WI FI connection and Movistar coupled with my 1800 number that now operates VOIP on my iPhone it was as if i was in my office in Toronto - fantastico - this plan will work well.

We celebrated Lauries birthday at a great spaghetti dinner hosted by Max and Nancy and of course an ample supply of Atlas.

Well there is lots more to talk about but don't want to bore anyone reading this.

All i can say is keep up the great work Ron and Laurie (ably assisted by Max who has taken some of the workload of Ron's sagging shoulders (its true Ron - ha, ha) - we cant wait to get down there and turn some dirt and get the construction going on Lot 19 - 2013 is the year!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Looking for property in Panama???

Looking for property on the West Coast of the Azuero Peninisula in Panama
- within walking distance of the ocean
- where it costs under $1500 pm to live
- where people are respectful and laid back
- where construction costs are extremely inexpensive
- with 180 degree views of the ocean
- fully serviced lots developed and owned by a Canadian
- you enjoy the simple things in life such as walking on an uninhabited beach, picking bananas or paw paws in the wild and experiencing awesome bird and animal life then read on . If you are looking for information and you are based in the GTA or Canada for that matter and looking for information on buying or searching for retirement or vacation property in Panama feel free to contact me. I own property down there and will answer any questions you have and provide information as you require. My interests are non financial - merely willing to share information with like minded people on the great development i own property in Panama with a view to assisting the development blossom into the premier laid back residential development in Panama.

email me at

Monday, June 27, 2011


Just got back from a great week with Ron and Laurie, things are looking good down there - Copa now fly direct Toronto/Tocumen and it was the most pleasant piece of airtravel we have experienced in the past 5 years or so, worldwide - certainly beats anything through North America - yes and that includes Air Chance of course in the bag of trashy North American airlines and their trashy service level - 5.5hr flight, incredible service including a meal with steel cutlery(dunno how the steel knife got thru security but it was there all nicely wrapped in a knapkin - cost us $1250 for two all in return, okay a promo price, and the equipment was outstanding - brand new A300-700 or 800 - when you book choose either rows 12 or 14 for emergency exit and huge leg room.
Our new GPS with Panama city and Santiago maps of course helped a great deal and we never missed a turn this time - a little under 4 hours from Tocumen to Hotel Heliconia - versus nearly 8 hrs last time and strong discussions for about 6 hours about seperation and divorce - he, he.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bienvenido a Nuestra Comunidad!

For those of you that are still working on learning Spanish, "Bienvenido a Nuestra Comunidad" means "Welcome to our neighborhood"...
And yes, we have some more great folks who have decided to make the "plunge" and buy a little piece of paradise on the Azuero Peninsula.
We're delighted to announce our two newest property owner's; Tim, lot 18, and Allan & Teri, lot 13. Hope you all enjoy it here as much as we do!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A useful link on Panama

Follow the link to this site - a very useful one packed with information and resources.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Airtravel Toronto to Panama

After much research the best deals going are with Copa direct Toronto and return to Panama City - okay I will forego my requirement to avoid the traffic and driving through Panama City for about $1200 and 2 days lost travelling through San Jose via David.