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Monday, December 6, 2010

How to see all the photos in the gallery

For those who dont know how - by clicking the left mouse button on the picture to the right in the menu bar you will be taken to the Picasso photo site where you can see all of the pictures in full screen mode - enjoy

Tucks New Home

Hey Tucks - send us some pictures and tell us about your new home - how was the move? We took the picture above when we were there in September of your swimming pool - how does it look now? Have you and Ron been trading any "spuds" across the divide?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Morrillio Heights Progress

Title paperwork and permits are underway for December and roadwork and electric is in progress for December as well - looks like it will be a busy month. Construction is moving forward on #48.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tuck moves in???

I would love to be a fly or some other inconspicuous thing sitting on a banana leaf right now, okay maybe not a bug, but i am sure you get the idea - Saterday Nov 20th - i do believe Tuck's was moving into his abode on top of the hill?

I wonder how the move is going?

Hopefully the weather and all other important factors are playing game.

I guess Ron is winding up the potato gun just waiting for an opportunity to let him have it - watch it Tucks!!!

Good luck Tuck's - wish i was in your boots despite any challenges you may be experiencing - what a paradise - enjoy and our best wishes in your new home - cant wait to get down and see it.

Here is a picture in September from Tuck's property of the view he has - out of this world.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Greetings all in Morrillo

Blog has been quiet this week - lets see some pictures and comments - anything, what plans do you have for building your dream home at Morrillo, when do you plan on beng there, what would you like to see from Tuck's Pub and Tea Spot - hey anything.

Hey Ron and Laurie post some pics and comments on progress and what you guys are doing - we know you are flat out busy marketing and getting good people into Morrillo - let us know how its going with the development - the good, the bad and the ugly - LOL.

I thought the attached picture was appropriate considering the dream location of Morrillo on the Sunset Coast - this is a picture of an extraordinary sunset at Lake Erie Ontario this weekend.

Ja i know - dont rub it in - please no wise"A" comments about - "But there are no leaves on the trees????"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our community continues to grow!

We welcome two more Canadians, Mark & Heather, who recently purchased lot 41!

After extensive research and travel of the globe, Mark & Heather choose Morrillo Pacific Heights as the perfect location to retire to. Although they are currently working and living over-seas, they will be making frequent visits to the Azuero over the next few years as they plan and design their new retirement home.

We are looking forward to introducing you both to the rest of the property owner's when you are able to take some time off work and get back for a visit. And we'll be sure to have a sample of that special rum for you when you get here too!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Weather forecast for Toronto by the Lake

Just in case those of you who are languishing near hot and humid Morrillo Estates have forgoten here is a jolt to remind you:

This week in Toronto:

High  16 c
Low 0 c

No snow forecasted yet but i understand its comming before March 2011.

Oct. 21
103Isolated showers
Oct. 22
100Cloudy periods
Oct. 23
157Variable cloudiness
Oct. 24
138Cloudy with showers
Oct. 25
117Light rain
Oct. 26
169Isolated showers

Tuck confirms Canadians can stay 180 days

Well its official - according to Tuck's blog - Canadians can stay 180 days without risk of penalty. Read Tucks blog and look for his posting of October 14th for the low down on his safe exit from Panama and return to Canada after 143 days - without a hitch by the sounds of things - welcome back to the Great White North Tuck - bet you cant wait to get back to Panama "ey".

Thanks for risking life and limb to test the theory for us Dave - yet another brave Canadian pioneer.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Link to recycling story

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Recycling Link

Monday, October 18, 2010

Plans for a recycling program in Panama

The National Authority for Cleanliness group are structuring a more efficient garbage collection service within the city, that will be funded by the Ministry of Health. In addition, this same group will be implementing a new recycling program for the entire country! It's going to take some some for them to educate their people and getting it set it up, but at least there is finally something happening, in this regard, which is very positive news!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another warm welcome!

Hold on to your seats, folks, as we welcome yet another Canadian, Terry W. to lot 20 in our community!

Congratulations Terry! Looks like there will be numerous other owner's here when you arrive in January. Could be a good excuse for all of us to get together for a small celebration! We've been dying to break out the cute little drink umbrellas for our tropical drinks that Max & Nancy (lot 48) sent us!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcome David S.

Ron and I would like to welcome another Canadian, David S., to Morrillo Pacific Heights! David has just recently purchased lot 22!

We're looking forward to seeing you soon, David. It would be great if you could make arrangements to come to Panama at the same time that Isabelle & Lim are coming, which I believe is this coming high season!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Property Owner's

Ron and I would like to welcome Anita and Janet, sisters, as the new property owner's of lot 10!

We're looking forward to when the two of you return, so that we can introduce you to the rest of the property owners in Morrillo Pacific Heights and all of our friends on the Western Azuero coastline!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Panama Roadside Fine Dining

Whilst visiting Morrillo Pacific Heights Ron and Laurie treated us to the local quisine. No line ups and the food was fantastic in its simplicity. Small amount of sliced meat with a tasty zesty sauce, a huge pile of rice and coldslaw on the side - and all for the outrageous price of U$0.75 - can you beat that????

Apart from the beauty and peace we found in the area the price of everything was so very very inexpensive. Even dining at Torio Cabanas was inexpensive.

Ludwigs across the road from Torio Cabanas is also a fine establishment with sweeping views. We would stop there for a cup of coffee and a quick internet connection. Be warned, you may be charged for the internet usage.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Morrillo Pacific Heights New Blog Launch

We recently returned from an amazing week on the Western Azuero Peninsula in Panama, an area we had targeted as one most favourable to us for purchasing property. Our criteria were that the property had ocean views, quick and easy access to beaches(we did not want to be on the beach), beaches that were not crowded, bountiful fishing, raw nature and most importantly a simple and uncluttered life amongst "real people". Ron and Laurie, owners and developers of  the Morrillo Pacific Heights development spent a week showing us the wonders, beauty and simplicity of this most amazing place, its hidden treasures and the people around it.

The above being said, as an intro to why we started this blog, is that we now own property on Ron and Lauries amazing development - lot 19, and plan to use this blog to share our minute by minute experiences as we develop our property and visit the area and discover more about this great development, area, friendly and helpful people ...... i could go on and on but more as we progress over the upcoming months and years.

This blog will also be open to other owners at Morrillo Pacific Heights so that they can share their experiences, pictures and building progress.

Please return often to find out how we and our friends at Morrillo Heights are progressing.

We welcome your comments and request for information.