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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Morrillo Pacific Heights New Blog Launch

We recently returned from an amazing week on the Western Azuero Peninsula in Panama, an area we had targeted as one most favourable to us for purchasing property. Our criteria were that the property had ocean views, quick and easy access to beaches(we did not want to be on the beach), beaches that were not crowded, bountiful fishing, raw nature and most importantly a simple and uncluttered life amongst "real people". Ron and Laurie, owners and developers of  the Morrillo Pacific Heights development spent a week showing us the wonders, beauty and simplicity of this most amazing place, its hidden treasures and the people around it.

The above being said, as an intro to why we started this blog, is that we now own property on Ron and Lauries amazing development - lot 19, and plan to use this blog to share our minute by minute experiences as we develop our property and visit the area and discover more about this great development, area, friendly and helpful people ...... i could go on and on but more as we progress over the upcoming months and years.

This blog will also be open to other owners at Morrillo Pacific Heights so that they can share their experiences, pictures and building progress.

Please return often to find out how we and our friends at Morrillo Heights are progressing.

We welcome your comments and request for information.