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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tuck moves in???

I would love to be a fly or some other inconspicuous thing sitting on a banana leaf right now, okay maybe not a bug, but i am sure you get the idea - Saterday Nov 20th - i do believe Tuck's was moving into his abode on top of the hill?

I wonder how the move is going?

Hopefully the weather and all other important factors are playing game.

I guess Ron is winding up the potato gun just waiting for an opportunity to let him have it - watch it Tucks!!!

Good luck Tuck's - wish i was in your boots despite any challenges you may be experiencing - what a paradise - enjoy and our best wishes in your new home - cant wait to get down and see it.

Here is a picture in September from Tuck's property of the view he has - out of this world.

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