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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Air travel to Panama from Canada

Having experienced the good intentioned low cost trip(didnt factor in the cost of checking a bag and cheap fly rod!!!) from Buffalo via Atlanta via Tampa and then onto Panama City (two days) and then doing the 4 plus hours drive(actually took near 10 with a flaky GPS that died when you needed it and never ending torrential downpours - yes it was September, we came to the conclusion that there must be a "BETTER WAY". What factors define a better way - in my opinion:
- Cost
- Airport security and hassles
- Time wasted traveling
- Getting across from Tocumen to Morrillio

From Toronto to Tocumen Copa are starting direct flights in June - fantastic but still getting across Panama city is a frustration.
Another option, and we intend to do this next time we visit beautiful Morrillio and settle a few cheap beers(cheap only in price) with Ron is Air Canada direct from Toronto to San Jose Costa Rica (believe it or not with Air Chance it is C$416 Tango style), transfer to a puddle hopper and fly direct onto David - from David hopefully the drive to Morrillio will be quicker and less eventful - Ron says it is a more scenic drive and should be less painful.

Panama City - actually most major cities - traffic jam - Grrrrrr!!
 If anyone has a humorous travel experience or suggestions(backed by experience - he,he) on how to get to paradise within the above constraints please share them with everyone - there is bound to be someone out there who knows how to do this better!!!

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  1. We tarveled last year into Panam City , spent the night and flew to David via Air Panama. David to Morillo is definately a more scenic and less eventful trip. We might try the Costa Rice route this January.
    Maxwell & Nancy